About Us


"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"

The Northern part of our country is considered as the crown of the nation because of
its magnificent mountain ranges and valleys. It is been home for a wide range of
cultures and traditions for hundreds of years. According to the Ministry of Tourism,
more than 1 billion people, both domestic and international, travel to Uttarakhand
every year.

UTTARAKHAND VISITS PRODUCT & SERVICES (JYU) Government Beneficiary Project registered in UTTARAKHAND Tourism & MSME. 

One of the major products of the UVPS scheme is the JYU - "Connecting
Destinations"(CAB service started from Uttarakhand and serving Nation with 111000 Taxis and 7000+ destinations covered across the country.

JYU is a Pahadi word (Local Language of Uttarakhand) this word is being used to show respect/regards. In local language, it's being placed at last of the relation or while you are talking any lordship name like GvelJYU, SemJYU & in the relation like Nanjyu (Nanad)/Bhinjyu (Jija JI)/ Budjyu (Some stranger old age person)  (JYU is a word like "JI" in Hindi which represents respect). 
The term JYU stands for "Jiyo Yeh Udaan" signifying the blissful flight 
of the journey that you are about to embark upon.

Why JYU?

  • JYU focuses on imparting a hassle-free journey for those billions of travelers
    that come to explore the beauty of the state. People at JYU understand the
    importance of traveling and aspire to provide you with a stress-free and breezy
  • JYU has always intended to work towards the three S's of a customer, i.e
    aiming customer Satisfaction, providing quality customer service and
    ensuring customer Safety.
  • The employees at JYU are efficiently trained through a rigorous process of
    route map analysis, vehicle tracking, pick up and drop coordination, and
    safety measures. Good communication skills and seasoned smartness is also
    inculcated in them.
  • We provide our customers with top car models like Toyota Etios, Etios Liva, Tata
    Indica, Dzire, Ertiga, Innova and many more including Luxury and Business class cab service across the country.
  • Economical prices that customers can easily compare and see for
  • Round the clock Car Rental and Cab Services available in PAN INDIA.
  • Lightning-fast booking process.
  • Book Outstation / One-way cabs with jyu.co.in

So, no matter how bad the roads are, or how cruel the weather conditions are
imposed on us, we promise to make your journey peaceful and serene.

Let’s make your journey worth traveling. Go JYU today! Contact : +91 9105320001 / 9105320002 /+91 9105320003 / +91 9105320004 / +91 9897569914. Or Email: support@uvps.co.in